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Strengthened Asian Links for SHEP & NExT

Published: 23 February 2018

Congratulations to Prof Stefano Moretti for securing a two-year exchange grant from Kogakuin University (Tokyo), enabling SHEP & NExT members to visit local scientists Dr Tetsuo Shindou and Dr Takashi Watanabe and vice versa. In fact, the collaboration is a three-prong one, also including Prof Cheng-Wei Chiang of National Taiwan University (Taipei). The research exchanges are to start immediately and will be centred around the theme ``New physics models with an extended Higgs sector and their phenomenology''. The research builds on the highly-publicised advances of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and its discovery of the Higgs boson, an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics, which many scientists believe to have companions in new physics scenarios.

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