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Successful SEPnet/GRADnet Student Led Conference "Supersymmetry: from M-Theory to the LHC" takes place at the University of Kent

Published: 18 January 2016

A successful 2-day student-led conference, "Supersymmetry from M-Theory to the LHC" took place at the University of Kent from 11 to 12 Jan 2016, sponsored by SEPnet (South East Physics Network) for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in the UK.

The workshop was proposed and organised by Maien Binjonaid and Marc Thomas from the SHEP (Southampton High Energy Physics) group, Chris Harman from the University of Sussex, and Russell Kirk from Royal Holloway London, with advice from Professor Stefano Moretti.

The workshop had 30 participants, 75% of whom were from SEPnet affiliated institutes and there were 4 invited keynote speakers: Professors Steven Abel (Durham), Alan Barr (Oxford), Steve King (Southampton), and John Ellis (King's College) who kindly provided overview talks on Supersymmetry Theory, Experiment, Model Building, and Phenomenology.

10 talks were presented, mainly by PhD students. The talks were divided into three sessions: Theory, Experiment, and Phenomenology.

Congratulations to Southampton PhD student Maria Dimou, who won the best poster prize out of the 6 posters presented.

A summary of the conference, along with downloadable PDF files of the presentations can be found on:

And the SEPnet webpage can be accessed via the VRE at:

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