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SHEP participation in STFC funded ILC project

Published: 23 February 2015

Congratulations to Stefano Moretti and Elena Accomando who, thanks to their roles as theory consultants, appear as CoIs in a 148k£ successful bid to STFC for the 2-year project `The ILC as a Higgs factory'. This travel award will enable the UK community engaged in physics and detector studies for a future International Linear Collider (ILC) to re-establish its presence on the international stage in order to be eventually able to participate in a future ILC detector. The ILC is the most probable successor to the current Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where the Higgs boson was found in 2012, which led to the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics. The main scope of the ILC will be to study in great detail the properties of the Higgs boson and the machine may start operations as early as 2025, possibly in Japan.

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