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The 34th International Symposium of Lattice Field Theory to be hosted in Southampton in 2016

Published: 1 July 2014

Southampton will host the 34th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory in July 2016. The conference will be held on campus and we expect about 500 participants from across the globe (it moves in successive years between Europe, the Far East and the USA). The decision was made by the International Advisory Committee of the conference during this years Symposium "Lattice 2014" which was hosted by Columbia University, New York.

Lattice Field Theory is a subfield of particle physics in which space-time is approximated by a lattice of points and fundamental quantities are evaluated by simulations on high-performance supercomputers (our collaboration uses the DiRAC IBM BlueGene/Q machines in Edinburgh and accesses about 1.3 petaflop of processing power). The conference therefore brings together experts in particle physics and quantum field theory, in the development of the corresponding algorithms and even groups which build dedicated machines.

Here is a link to the conference website: Lattice 2016

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