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Visualization of open and closed string worldsheets. Part I: software development - Graham W. Van Goffrier and Neil F. Comins
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2018
Differential geometry with extreme eigenvalues in the positive semidefinite cone - Cyrus Mostajeran, Nathaël Da Costa, Graham Van Goffrier and Rodolphe Sepulchre
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023
Estimating long-term causal effects from short-term experiments and long-term observational data with unobserved confounding - Graham Van Goffrier, Lucas Maystre and Ciarán Gilligan-Lee
Type: Book Section | 2023 | PMLR
Target formation on the circle by monotone system design - Cyrus Mostajeran, Jin Gyu Lee, Graham Van Goffrier and Rodolphe Sepulchre
Type: Book Section | 2021 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. | Item not available on this server.
Fast regression of the tritium breeding ratio in fusion reactors - P. Mánek, G. Van Goffrier, V. Gopakumar, N. Nikolaou, J. Shimwell and I. Waldmann
Type: Article | 2023
Node-wise monotone barrier coupling law for formation control - Jin Gyu Lee, Cyrus Mostajeran and Graham Van Goffrier
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2022 | arXiv
Inductive geometric matrix midranges - Graham W. Van Goffrier, Cyrus Mostajeran and Rodolphe Sepulchre
Type: Article | 2021 | Item not available on this server.
Least-informative priors for 0νββ decay searches - Frank F. Deppisch and Graham Van Goffrier
Type: Article | 2021
Probing the mechanism of neutrinoless double-beta decay in multiple isotopes - Matteo Agostini, Frank F. Deppisch and Graham Van Goffrier
Type: Article | 2023
Testing high scale supersymmetry via second order gravitational waves - Marcos M. Flores, Alexander Kusenko, Lauren Pearce, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez and Graham White
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023 | arXiv
Off-shell divergences in quantum gravity - Vlad-Mihai Mandric, Tim R. Morris and Dalius Stulga
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023 | arXiv
Testing realistic SO(10) SUSY GUTs with proton decay and gravitational waves - Bowen Fu, Stephen F. King, Luca Marsili, Silvia Pascoli, Jessica Turner and Ye-Ling Zhou
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023 | arXiv
The decay A0 → h0Z(∗) in the inverted hierarchy scenario and its detection prospects at the large hadron collider - A G Akeroyd, S. Alanazi and Stefano Moretti
Type: Article | 2023
Slight excess at 130 GeV in search for a charged Higgs boson decaying to a charm quark and a bottom quark at the Large Hadron Collider - A G Akeroyd, Stefano Moretti and Muyuan Song
Type: Article | 2022
Dataset for Thesis: Isospin-breaking and all-to-all propagators on the lattice
Type: Dataset | 2021 | University of Southampton | Item availability restricted.
Neutrino mixing sum rules and the Littlest Seesaw - Francesco Costa and Stephen F. King
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023 | arXiv
Quantum gravity effects on dark matter and gravitational waves - Stephen F. King, Rishav Roshan, Xin Wang, Graham White and Masahito Yamazaki
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023
Universal scaling dimensions for highly irrelevant operators in the Local Potential Approximation - Vlad-Mihai Mandric, Tim R. Morris and Dalius Stulga
Type: Monograph | 2023
Amplitudes at strong coupling as hyperkähler scalars - Hadleigh Frost, Ömer Gürdogan and Lionel Mason
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023 | arXiv
Did we hear the sound of the Universe boiling?: Analysis using the full fluid velocity profiles and NANOGrav 15-year data - Tathagata Ghosh, Anish Ghoshal, Huai-Ke Guo, Fazlollah Hajkarim, Stephen F. King, Kuver Sinha, Xin Wang and Graham White
Type: UNSPECIFIED | 2023